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“Liven up your family home with Allihopa’s personalised, designer prints”

So...we haven't blogged in a while, sorry about that! We've just been sooooo busy with our new collections! Take a look :)

We have received an excellent reception for our eccentrically British, modern prints on 
Our Personalised home print is as popular as ever and our feedback has been fantastic with many commenting ‘a conversation starter with the wow factor.’
As a result, we have decided to extend the print range, focusing on the garden, ‘hub’ of the home-the kitchen, as well as the all-encompassing ‘Make a Home’ print- all perfect additions whatever your style!

There is a wide variety of stylish colours to ensure it fits in with your home, both unframed prints retail at £34.95 GBP. 

Kitchen Cooking print

The heart-warming kitchen Cooking print is the perfect gift for a food loving family. It’s quirky design is suitable for any stylish home. Each print is totally unique as the customer gets to personalise the title (i.e. The Richardson's Family Kitchen or Master Chef Susan's Kitchen) and add 9 individual words/phrases to represent their home, tastes and likes.

Family Recipe Print

Much like the Kitchen cooking print, it’s the perfect gift for a loving family. Customers get to create their unique 'Recipe for the Perfect Family' with an option of personalizing the title, as well as 6 individual ingredients i.e. family members - one loving mum called Lisa, A double helping of mischievous boys called Simeon and Josh.

Garden Print

A perfect gift for the green fingered, this print epitomizes the recipient’s love of gardening or even the family’s love for alfresco dining. The customer’s 9 unique personalisations, such as ‘Mum’s super summer salad’ are thoughtfully sown between the potted plants, tools and gardening attire.

Make A Home Print

What makes a house a home? A perfect gift for; a new home, an anniversary, or simply to a family who has everything. Of course, it could also just be a gift to yourself. This print is totally unique to each customer; we ask for four family memories, hobbies, favourites etc. which will be displayed on each floor e.g. 'dancing in the kitchen’, ‘Sunday morning lie-ins’. We even include individual family members as characters of your choice!

So...what do you think? We'd love to hear from you!