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          The Allihopa Adventure, So Far...

          We like using quirky vocabulary, making up non-dictionary words & discovering new 'creative habits' with our little sea shrimps...


          We see creativity as an everyday thing.
          We like to find them... learn them... love them & use them for life.
          If you’re wondering, our favourite creative-habits are:

          Building weird & mysterious objects out of recycling – a great blank canvas is a white cardboard box... (with or without the lid).

          Spying driftwood others walk by & feeling excited about it. 'Oh, edgy garden seat come den object', then dragging it tirelessly all the way home.

          Getting very muddy. Because simply, "You've had a great day in the fresh air!'

          Loving all the colours of the rainbow. It is not a bad habit to buy 100's of sample colour pots or to spin through a pantone book as if it were a magazine.

          Going out in the rain because you want to get wet & because it tickles us that 'hoods up' make us look like starfish.

          Loving the pre-loved. Foraging for 'treasures', the ones nobody else wants that make an impact. You may discover something quite odd & quirky - random Bauhaus chairs or a brown & orange teapot put together they get in the groove & are vintage at their best.

          Can't see the wood for the trees? Take a walk where there's height to feel free! Climb up your favourite hill (ours has a castle on top) or a sand dune (when it's not too windy) – then run down. Tip - If it does happen to be windy, shout naughty words for extra forget-the-small-stuff effect & little ears won't hear you. Also get the sea shrimps to hold coats above heads for parachute effect. When you get to the bottom you will see the trees.

          we love & live
          by the sea

          Love hearing it..... talking about it.... eating stuff out of it ......
          & dealing with the remnants of being in it
          (such as a quick 'mattress sweep' before climbing in!)

          We don't want our 'ickle clams to worry about an 'A+'. Seeking substantial shells for their pink buckets & avoiding grumpy biting crabs is quite enough thank you very much. They will enter the battle ring of life soon enough. We like to make it hard to wake up in a bad mood.

          Life should be about feeling free... a good poo-joke... the thrill of spilling & general mess where it looks like the circus has just left town.

          Small yet

          Reefs - "yes, I did just float my flip flops away in the sea but they do make excellent boats."

          Popping candy - neck back, pour in, open up. Now quick, listen!

          Friday night sweets on a Tuesday & midnight feasts at 7

          ...if you hadn't noticed, we like muddling it up a bit

          Saying these feels 'alright' too ->>>> "I'll meet you at the hut" & "Come & have a cwtch"

          "I'll pack a cooler bag" or the late at night ->>>> "Have you done the sand sweep?"

          We don’t do flawless & we don’t do straight rows. We prefer an edge of scruff like our weathered green beach hut & our worn sandy floorboards.

          We always feel a bit spaghetti, we like it this way; this is our world and we borrow the best bits for our imaginative creations.

          This is the blushing bit – one thing that is growing in the most perfectly straight line is our brand growth - our creations are stocked in over 350 national retailers in fact.
          Our major retailer success & extending work family means you must love us & we keep swimming (& splashing about) fast...

          p.s Allihopa loves you back x